Hello! I'm Zi Yan, you can call me Zee. 

I am an aspiring photographer currently based in Singapore. 

With a background in Chemical Engineering, my aspiration of becoming a full-time photographer is often met with surprised faces from my peers. I would think it all began when I picked up my first mirrorless camera (my Canon DSLR has since become my best non-human companion); subsequently I had the privilege of interning with a very established and supportive fashion and wedding photographer. 

Being behind the viewfinder is a place I am most comfortable at; photography allows me to celebrate life in a way being in front of a fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day does (although unfortunately I have only managed to experience this when I was in Australia earlier this year). I love to capture the transient beauty of nature and architecture during my travels, but above all I would love to collect memories with you on your special occasions.